Monthly Archives: July 2010

Female Viagra 0

Did you hear that they finally invented the female Viagra? It’s called ConVer-Sation. It’s a little problematic though, in that only men can administer it. Men have immediate access to an unlimited supply, and although timing and dosage is critical, misdiagnosis is acceptable and, in early test cases, even expected. Most attempts yield satisfactory results. […]

Room can’t stay Clean 0

No need to get anyone in trouble… •    Housemates buggin? Offspring close to death? Everyone gets their own bag or box or tabletop or hook near the front door to catch the crap. Bonus: If they pick their own, no one calls you SS. •    If a temporary project has no end in sight, take […]

Temporary (Room) Adjustment 0

If you must use the dining room – or any room – for a temporary work-study-project-thing, you must also do one or more of the following: •    Cover the table with a tablecloth, sheet, blanket or other kind of protection. A table sized condom? If you must. •    You must create or find another dedicated […]

Dining Room pt. 1 0

Let’s count all the shit that sucks about this Dining Room (To play, you may need to translate your own “Dining Room” into “Dedicated Eating Space,” such as a counter top, tray, etc.): 1.    It’s used for more than dining. 2.    The food remnants are nauseating. 3.    Watching TV while you eat – every meal […]