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Room can’t stay Clean 0

No need to get anyone in trouble… •    Housemates buggin? Offspring close to death? Everyone gets their own bag or box or tabletop or hook near the front door to catch the crap. Bonus: If they pick their own, no one calls you SS. •    If a temporary project has no end in sight, take […]

Temporary (Room) Adjustment 0

If you must use the dining room – or any room – for a temporary work-study-project-thing, you must also do one or more of the following: •    Cover the table with a tablecloth, sheet, blanket or other kind of protection. A table sized condom? If you must. •    You must create or find another dedicated […]

Dining Room pt. 1 0

Let’s count all the shit that sucks about this Dining Room (To play, you may need to translate your own “Dining Room” into “Dedicated Eating Space,” such as a counter top, tray, etc.): 1.    It’s used for more than dining. 2.    The food remnants are nauseating. 3.    Watching TV while you eat – every meal […]