“To do this right, we’ll have to do it together.”

You poor thing.

You love the guy but his place looks like ass. You poor thing. But now you’ve found Madame Chi and She’s here to help you get everything you want and need.

What you need:

  1. Clean digs so you can stay the night at his place every once in a damn while. Poor thing, you can’t even be naked in some corners of his cave.

What you want:

  1. Him to take care of his own self* because you are NOT his mother (unless that’s the game d’nuit).
  2. Him to express himself.
  3. Him to make space for you and yourself.


Together, you and The Feng Shui Dominatrix will customize solutions for his spacial needs. Every budget, every schedule, every desire fulfilled.

*Some guys would rather hire a cleaning team to come in 1 or 2x per month/week/whatever. This is OK too, of course, you just may need to help him find ’em. This is part of his “how to grow up” learning and he’ll thank you for it. Later.

Trust me, M. Chi