“Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of him.”

Hello Mommy. Hello Daddy.

Surely you’re worried about a lot of things, and on top of it all, Jr. won’t keep his room clean. Mom, you think it’s hormonal. Dad, you’re just waiting for him to move out and find a girlfriend.

At his age kids don’t listen to their parents, that’s why you need a neutral, thrid-party observer. One who is actually on YOUR side.

  • We’ll customize solutions for his organizational problems.
  • He’ll understand how easy it can be to keep it all picked up and put away.
  • You’ll notice his increased self-esteem.
  • The family will have more time to do the important stuff when you’re not yelling at each other.
  • He’ll create more meaningful relationships, and yes, Dad, he might even get the girl.

Of course there’s plenty of ways to get him to clean up after himself, and The Feng Shui Dominatrix guarantees that he will be whipped into place, just like his dirty clothes and the toilet lid.

Trust me, M. Chi

P.S. Dad, Mom and Madame Chi had a little talk, and Madame Chi will talk to you later.